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Why IOPs?
Participate early in growth stories

The primary market facilitates investor 's opportunities to buy shares at a reasonable price prior to its listing price. In addition, retail investors can leverage on discounted rates while applying for IPO 's. Holding on to the shares also presents an opportunity to involve in the future success of these companies.

Key Benefits
  • Opportunity to get the stock at the lowest possible price
  • Can invest in stock at discounted price rather than the cut-off price..
  • No refund hassles under ASBA process
  • Probability of making profits on listing is High
  • No Brokerage and Other Charges
  • Opportunity to be a part of the growth story of the issuing company

Why invest with us?
  • Advantage of either applying for IPOs through online platforms as well as offline
  • IPO recommendations for select offers provided by our advisory team
  • Secure investing through a single login across devices Desktop, Mobile or Web.

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